Why Swimming and Hearing?

Millions of people suffer from hearing loss and are completely unaware of it. Whether you are a child or an adult, it is important to have hearing screenings as part of routine health check up.  When was the last time your hearing was checked?


Swim To Hear draws from the unique parallels that exist between the sport of swimming and science of hearing, as both share many of the same basic physical properties. Sound and water both travel in waves and exhibit different amplitudes and frequencies as they move from one source to another. In highlighting these similarities, we hope to promote a message of better hearing and overall health.  Click more to learn some statistics about hearing loss.

Malibu Triathlon, 9/2104

Ryan Bullock and Max Jaben competed within the celebity division of the Malibu Triathlon at Zuma Beach. Max Jaben, who is an ambassador of Swim To Hear and founder of SwimFitLA, was part of the second place team in the all male division.  Ryan's team took 5th place in the mixed division. 

LACO Lifeguard, 9/2014

Ryan Bullock took second place among the field of 250 applicants for the ocean lifeguard position within the LA County Fire Department.  Taking first was 2013 Pier to Pier winner Kevin Fink.

Corona del Mar, 8/2014

The LAPS Masters competed in Newport for the Corona del Mar 1 mile swim.  The team had an impressive showing winning their respective age groups with Ryan Bullock winning overall.  Competitors were Laurie, Ayoob, Ryan Bullock, Mary Donlevy, Greg Heyes, Dean Nicolls, Debbie Richardson,

Pier to Pier Hermosa/Manhattan, 8/2014

LAPS competed with an impressive showing.  Ryan Bullock was guided by his paddler Chuck Ponthier and took first overall with a time of 37:54 swimming directly over a great white shark.  His father Ian Bullock and longtime family friend Tom Gean also competed placing very well within their respective age groups. Among the LAPS competitors were Laurie Ayoob, Dave Lindstedt, Greg Heyes, Chris Linkletter, Kenny Shoor, Bonnie Spivey, Fram Virjee, Todd Wendorff.

Newport Pier to Pier, 7/2014

The LAPS team competed in this 2 mile ocean swim from Balboa pier to Newport Pier.  Ryan Bullock won his age group and took 4th place overall.  Dean Nicolls won his respective age group.  Mary Donlevy and Debbie Richardson also placed well in their age groups.

La Jolla Pier to Cove, 6/2014

Dean Nicolls and Ryan Bullock both competed in the 1.5 mile swim across the La Jolla Cove starting at the Scripps Pier.  Ryan took second overall and Dean placed well within his age group.

Santa Monica Oceanfest, 6/2014

Jeff Hart and Ryan Bullock competed in the chilly 1 mile ocean swim at Santa Monica pier. 

United States Masters Nationals - Santa Clara, 5/2014

The Los Angeles Peninsula Swimmers (LAPS) Masters swim club competed at the national meet held in Santa Clara, California.  Wearing the Swim To Hear caps, LAPS competed with an impressive showing. National titles were won by Ryan Bullock in the 1650 and by Chuck Ponthier in the 50 fly. Most remarkable of all, Victor Wagoner competed after losing a leg and almost losing his life in a motorcycle accident in January.  Competing: Laurie Ayoob, Ryan Bullock, Ann Findley, Mike Hamm, Greg Heyes,  Brian Kelca, Susan Kingston, Dave Lindstedt, Duncan McBride, Chuck Ponthier, Steve Powell, Charlie Raine, Steve Powell, Kenny Shoor, Steve Van Nort, Vic Wagoner

Alcatraz, 9/2013
Ryan Bullock took first place honors (wetsuit and non=wetsuit divisions) swimming in 25:46, beating out Olympians Aaron Piersol and Matt Biondi.  Dr. David Fabry, director of Audiology for Starkey Hearing Technologies, Dr. Drew Dundas of UCSF, and Dr. Charlie Gillum of Manhattan, KS all completed the swim.

La Jolla Cove, 9/2013
American's premier rough water swim Ryan took second place overall in this grueling 3 mile swim.  His Swim To Hear cap fell off towards the end, hopefully making its way to someone who could benefit from the Swim To Hear message.

Dwight Crum Pier to Pier 8/2013
Ryan took 5th place overall in this highly competitive swim located in Manhattan Beach.

Portland Bridge Swim 7/2012
Ryan competed in the 11-mile swim coming in 1st place in a world record time of 3 hours and 49 minutes.

Lake Tahoe 9/2011

Dr. Mike Page competed in this swim in Lake Tahoe in frigid waters.

Alcatraz 9/2011

Ryan competed for the first time in this 1.5 mile swim in 55 degree water.

Long Dam Swim 8/2011

Ian and Kara Bullock competed in the open water swim in Beaver Lake, Arkansas.

Douglas Lake 7/2011

Ryan competed in the 2-mile swim coming in 1st place and setting a new course record. The conditions were perfect for this great swim event put on at Douglas Lake.

Grayson's Swim 6/2011 - Swim To Hear Launch

Grayson's swim was highly successful. On Saturday, June 18th at 1:00 pm, Grayson swam 6 laps raising awareness for Swim To Hear. Friends and family attended to show their support for this brave 6 year old.  Special thanks to all those who attended as well as the coverage from: KFSM Channel 5 News The City Wire The Times Record The Swim Brief Corporate Donors: Ft. Smith Chiropractic and Acupuncture McCutchen & Sexton Law Firm Sexton & Sanders Law Firm Individual Donors: Mr. Harold Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Bell Mr. & Mrs. Gary Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Erickson Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gean Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Hahn Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jenkins Mrs. Linda Noe Laine Mrs. Rita Ramey of Ramey Speech Clinic Mr. & Mrs. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Greg Smith Ms. Elizabeth Vaughn Mr. & Mrs. Jason Vaughn Mr. Larry Vaughn

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