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  • Raise awareness about hearing healthcare & audiology
  • Fundraising to support the cost of better hearing for low-income recipients
  • Support organizations in hearing healthcare


Hearing loss is invisible because it is usually pain free and develops gradually over a long period of time. Because it is not visibly noticeable to those around you, it receives little attention. Have trouble understand what people are saying? Ever had ringing in your ears? Those can be symptoms of hearing loss. As stated, an undiagnosed hearing loss can lead to many different ramifications including (but not limited to) depression or social isolation. It is especially important because speech and language development is dependent upon a child's ability to hear their world.

All donations are tax-exempt. Donations raised help support the following:

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Our Mission

Making a Difference One Wave at a Time

Swim To Hear is committed to raising awareness of hearing loss and educating the public about the help that is available to them through Audiologists.

Swim To Hear is a non-profit (501c3) organization using all talents in the sport of swimming to help highlight the profession of Audiology and the populations it serves.