Making a Difference One Wave at a Time

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Swim To Hear, Swim to Inspire

Company Profile

Swim To Hear


Founded: 2011

Owner: Ryan Bullock


Areas of expertise: 
Audiology, hearing screening and conversation, swimming.

Board of Directors:

Ian Bullock

Thomas Franklin, Ph.D.

Kenny Jones, J.D.

Michael Pierce, J.D.

Meet The Founder

My name is Ryan Bullock and I started Swim to Hear in 2011. The idea originated in graduate school, where after completing my collegiate swimming career, I began a doctoral program in audiology. With the help of friends and family, Swim to Hear was launched as a nonprofit to raise awareness about hearing loss. I continued to swim in races during graduate school and was often asked what I was doing with my time, and upon answering “Audiology,” was often met with blank stares. I realized this was an opportunity to use swimming as a vehicle to promote the profession of audiology and help educate individuals on the impact of hearing loss.

Another driving force behind Swim to Hear, was my commitment to getting fit. During graduate school, I gained a significant amount of weight ballooning to 195 lbs. from my collegiate swimming weight of 155 lbs. Swim to Hear helped me refocus and return to the pool to shed 45 lbs. within one year. Ten years later, I have maintained that weight while continue to compete in ocean and pool swimming. As a native of Fort Smith, Arkansas now in my thirties and still competing at a high level in Southern California, I am amazed what the mind and body can do. I firmly believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to - especially if given a purpose- and Swim To Hear has been mine. 

Millions of people suffer from hearing loss and are completely unaware of it. Whether you are a child or an adult, it is important to have hearing screenings as part of routine health check up.  When was the last time your hearing was checked?


Swim To Hear draws from the unique parallels that exist between the sport of swimming and science of hearing, as both share many of the same basic physical properties. Sound and water both travel in waves and exhibit different amplitudes and frequencies as they move from one source to another. In highlighting these similarities, we hope to promote a message of better hearing and overall health.  Click more to learn some statistics about hearing loss.

Why Swimming and Hearing?